Brass Greyhound

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Brass Greyhound.

Like my cousin Whippet, I have long and strong legs
but don't go for my size, with a soft heart,
I was made especially for you,
so don't delay
add me to your shopping cart.

A little about how I was made for you:
Through a process called LOST WAX CASTING, boring old brass was turned into the handsome greyhound I am. While my crafter thinks I am complete, little does he know that only YOU can bring life into me.

I am unique, not made of ceramic or plastic like you would commonly find these days. Even if you knock me over, I will not break apart. I only need a drop of care.
A little secret for your time- if you position me in the morning sunlight, I sparkle like gold.

Length : 370 mm / 14.6 in
Width : 90 mm / 3.54 in
Height : 350mm / 13.8 in
Weight : 3.44kg / 120 Ounces