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 am sleek and slender. Taking me home maybe a money bender but with your natural swimming instincts you know I’ll make a great contender.

This statue is simply "adorable". While in reality it may not be able to join you in the pool, it will still made a great addition to your summer house, or by any water feature; inside or outside. 

A little about its symbolic meaning: Dolphins represent spirit and harmony. It is a symbol of protection and in christianity resurrection. Their playful nature reminds us to approach life with joy and optimism.   

A little about me:
I am made of brass and copper so I can last long in your family and the coming generations. 

Height: 787mm/ 31inches 
Width: 340 mm/ 13inches
Length: 330 mm/ 13inches
Weight: 10Kgs/ 352 ounces