Welcoming Godess

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Welcoming Apsara with an oil lamp in her hands. 
Apsaras in Indian mythology are celestial maidens representing eternal youth, beauty and elegance. As ethereal beings of the skies they are often associated with performing arts (dance, music etc) in the court of the Gods. 

Making a statement for your guests. This is a beautiful piece that you can place it in your entrance hall or reception area. Looks even more beautiful when lit up and signifies happiness and love for anyone coming into your home or space. 

Statue made of Bronze and Brass. Intricate hand work done throughout. You can place a tealight directly in the oil lamp or place it in tea light holder. Decorate with flowers or even little sweet treats and to delight everyone coming into your home. 


Dimensions Weight is 27 Kg.  

Height is 1143mm.  

Width is 381mm 


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